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World Of Windows

Broadening our market reach, presently conducting operations within 8 countries.

Simultaneously overseeing 20-50 projects, with a primary focus on augmenting project value within the company's operations.

Maintaining an annual glass processing capacity of 150,000 square meters, aligned with our business's operational prowess.

Employing a permanent workforce of 450 individuals, bolstered by a substantial contingent of cross-border site personnel, in adherence to our robust business framework.

Operating within a business context, we possess a total factory area of 24,000 square meters under roof, strategically situated in South Africa.

With a business tenure spanning 37 years, we have established a seasoned and enduring presence in the industry.

Welcome To World of Windows

We don’t believe in one size fits all,but offer bespoke systems to achieve the Architect’s design intent within the defined budget. The World of Windows Group works closely with South Africa’s leading Façade Consultants, Architects and Engineers to design, develop and extrude a suite of dies to meet the needs of any major project in most countries worldwide.

3D Direct to Fabrication Technology.

3D Direct-to-Fabrication Technology revolutionizes the creative landscape by seamlessly melding digital design prowess with tangible reality.

Glistening Glass Towers

Majestic marvels of modern architecture, their meticulously designed facades adorned with an intricate interplay of windows

Skyline Transformed Elegance

These structures redefine the skyline, reflecting the changing hues of the sky and lending a touch of ethereal beauty to the urban sprawl

Cape Town

8-10 Seventh Street,
Montague Gardens,


10 Berry Road, Roodekop